Learn How to Paint like the Old Masters

Painting like the old masters

They don't teach technique in art schools anymore. There is nobody there to tell you how to achieve the effects that Rembrant, Or Raphael or Canaletto achieved. This is because they belive that art has moved on. However there are many people who are still eager to learn technique and I am one of them.

detail from raphael

After having read many books on Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrant, et al, I have come to the conclusion that the key skill they all had were that they were all great at drawing.

In many cases their apprenticship lasted seven years and for the first three of those years they were not even allowed to pick up a paint brush. Their masters required them to become really good at drawing before they attempted to become painters.

This is quite a daunting realisation for someone who wants to learn shortcuts. The real key to painting like an old master is the ability to draw like an old master. Having said that, there are other techniques and tips we can learn from them and this is what this site is all about.

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